quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2009

I have been thinking about this blogging thing and how and why I got into it...

Once again, I sit in front of the computer, I log in my blogger account. But this time a different question arises: when did this all start? I am surprised to come accross my first blog, which was created exactly 3 years ago, at the bottom of the Blogger administration panel. Funny that I had already forgotten about this blog!

I created "Elas é que sabem!" (something like "it's the girls who know!") in 2006, with a mission in mind: to promote weekly sports activities among ladies. Back then I had a full time and very consuming job as a web projects manager at seara.com. I felt an increasing need to move, run, dance, play, walk, etc in order to relief stress. I thought that a blog would be a perfect tool to spread the word and engage my friends into physical activities, so I started blogging once a week making appointments for the next activity.

At first my idea was to keep the whole initiative as engaging as it gets in a sequence of several different sports. I thought that if I would create a blog, it would be a perfect tool of communication between a group of lady-friends who would suggest/vote/confirm sports encounters such as "Wednesday running by the sea at 7pm" or "Sunday playing volleyball at the beach at 10am" etc.

Nevertheless, the initial group decided to play soccer on the first "meeting" and all the 8 of us enjoyed playing it so much that we never used the blog to make an appointment for a different sport.

It was a huge success, as one month after we had 3 teams of 5 girls playing soccer twice a week; five months after we had 4 teams of 6 girls; and some of them, 3 years after, still play soccer every week! It was also a great fun to do it, as we sometimes posted joking pictures and "game reviews" and the girls would start strongly discussing the results and the failures!

Eventually what happened was that there was no more need to use the blog for planning as the timetable evolved to something quite "sacred": soccer on Tuesdays and Sundays at 7pm.

By one hand, I felt a bit frustrated when the activity in the blog started to slow down. However, I am 100% sure now that if back then I would have kept my persistance on reviewing games, posting funny pictures, creating contents for the girls, the blog could still be alive & kicking in 2009.

A few months after "Elas é que sabem!" was launched, I quit my job and headed over to a new adventure in the other side of the world: East Timor.

But that's a different story, about a different blog, coming in a different post :)


This post is an open letter to my mentee Hawah Abdul, a Kenyan activist who is taking part of an educational program in Copenhagen, Denmark called Global Change. A new collaboration between MS ActionAid / Global Change and the Global Voices Online, which I'm part of, has lead to the creation of a mentor-project. That's where I come in. I will be Hawah's blogging-mentor for the next six weeks, and I hope that we through the coming weeks will have a chance to engage in some interesting dialogues on everything relating to blogging.

[PS - As the technology keeps evolving, nowadays I would definitely use "Events" on Facebook to promote something like my first blog! What do you think: let's do some sports?!]

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mãenuela disse...

Lucky Hawah Abdul !
(Sara, muda a foto, essa não é nada favorescente)

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