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This post may come as a celebration for a great day that I just had, or simply as a manifesto for something that I should had already written. One thing I can tell you for sure: when I feel life couldn't get any better, I sometimes end up thinking about those who are being prevented from the same good luck.

Today I recall a good friend who deserves a better life than the one he has right now. I feel like sharing this story.

OK, so imagine a place where "40% (of the) people live below the official poverty line of 55 US cents a day". Imagine that not only you live there, but you also live it, in your skin. You have a family to support, you are a young man, starting your career. Often you remember those days back when you had no choice but to live in the mountains, in the jungle, because there was a bloody and silent war going on. You have seen people die, you have had to use a fake name - and you were a child, playing the "pretending game".

Ten years have passed, the fight was won.
You were lucky to have the opportunity to study and to graduate.
You now live in the most simple house, two rooms, a living room, a family of 15.
You are the only one working, to support your family - for several reasons. You were definitely raised with one thing in mind: share the little that you have with your people.

You have a good job, earning something like 200USD a month. With this money, you pay for your family's white rice and vegetables. Sometimes chicken. You are surprised to find out that in the same company where you work, the range of wages can go from 150 USD to some thousands of USD. You don't completely understand this huge difference, and you feel wrathful about it. You post about it in your blog. You are suspended from job.

So it is not about fighting for independence, for the castration now comes in different ways.

My friend belongs to a group of too many people who suffer wrong consequences and attacks for having used the right for online freedom of speech. Not only he has lost his job. His life and the life of 15 other people directly related with his have changed to a point of no return.

You've probably heard about bloggers being arrested or tortured in different countries, or websites being censored unjustly. It's something I feel we really need to take a stand against as bloggers.

One of the few groups that works directly with global bloggers on the frontlines of free speech is Global Voices Advocacy. It's a blog run by Sami ben Gharbia, who is himself a blogger in exile, together with a great community of authors.

We have an opportunity to help Global Voices Advocacy win $3000 simply by writing a post in our own blogs and inserting the short text you can copy on this page:

Let's do it!?

This blog post is part of Zemanta's “Blogging For a Cause” campaign to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes that bloggers care about.

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Não se comoveu pelo facto de encontrar o seu livro nas mãos de uma menina perdida numa ilha do fim do mundo. Em vez disso, disse que eu deveria encontrar o meu próprio rumo. Ir atrás de qualquer coisa que me elevasse. Ao encontro de um território desconhecido ou de uma loucura, como ir sempre no rasto do Sol, esse soberbo pintor que deixa o horizonte barrado de manchas de tinta quando se levanta e quando se deita, como se expusesse as suas entranhas, para que se veja bem o seu interior
Requiem para o Navegador Solitário, Luis Cardoso


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